A message from Petra

After 14 years in erotic film production I have decided to start a new chapter in my life and retire from the active production of adult films. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful performers who bared their souls, my creative team, the talented fellow film-makers who co-operated with me, the hard-working distributors who helped to get my indie films into the shops, the festivals that showed my films on the big screen and honoured my work with awards and of course my audience. I made my films for you and it makes me happy to have entertained and hopefully inspired you with my “artcore” porn, and I am proud to have contributed to putting porn from a female perspective onto the map. This stance has enriched the genre and is here to stay, thanks to many new talented film-makers who continue in their own unique way the work pioneers such as my dear friend the late Candida Royalle started. I continue to curate work by other erotic film-makers for my online platform Cinema Joy, to bring their exciting work to you – my audience.

My erotic film production has always been a labour of love rather than a business. Porn is indeed political and I immensely enjoyed subverting existing gender-specific sex stereotypes and breaking the many existing ‘golden rules’ of mainstream porn. When I started out in 2004 I could have never imagined how many people my vision of “porn from a female perspective” would reach and I am grateful for the many opportunities I had in print- and TV press to talk about sex, porn, feminism and equality for all genders.

I am an idealist at heart and have always used my skills as a film-maker to ask questions and facilitate change in areas that I felt needed to change and evolve. I feel my voice is now needed in a completely different field and I am going back to my roots as a film-maker, creating documentaries. Animal rights have always been an important topic in my private life and I feel now is the time for me to do my part in giving a voice to those that have none – the billions of animals who suffer in factory farming as well as our precious and much persecuted wildlife. I believe as humans we must show compassion towards our planet and animals to truly evolve. The time has come for #animalliberation and to #govegan. Using my skills as a film-maker, I am excited to follow my heart and make another dream come true.


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Our films are available through streaming at cinemajoy.com and as physical DVDs through Open Erotik. For Trade Enquiries please contact our exclusive distributor bm&d. Click the buttons below to find out more.

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    • Petra Joy’s vision is truly unique in the world of porn... a must-watch for horny girls and adventurous couples.

      Forum Magazine
    • Glorious to watch and unbelievably hot!

    • Show me one woman that wouldn’t enjoy watching it!

      Annie Sprinkle